Small Drawings

In many of the drawings the important relationship is that between figure and ground, object and space, something and nothing. I play with entangling the two in an evolving  “superposition”. The drawings are crafted to contain “opposites” giving rise to a contradiction or incongruity in the images design. This reflects a contradiction in the mind when trying to think about itself by defining consciousness or beyond itself by thinking about death.

That there is an end or limit to thought is a key insight but one whose implications are as difficult to articulate as they are to grasp. The development of the drawings is an attempt to be as clear and precise as I can around this last point.

The first eleven drawings were done in 1985 prior to my return to college. Numbers 12-14 in 1987. The  remainder were all done post 1991 after I completed my art education.

All drawings are graphite on paper except  11 : graphite and pastel on paper.

                                                                             16 : photograph of hair in bath.

                                                                             53: photograph.