1-3:  BA work. Cheltenham. 1987.  Bronze. Ceramic.

4:   Photograph. 1986.  In retrospect the most successful and meaningful sculpture I made on my BA course was this grave which I dug six foot deep then fashioned the soil heap into a seat. I called the piece “Waiting”. I was amazed at the huge mass of soil. It took me almost two weeks to complete. I did not submit it for my degree, I couldn’t see how to develop the idea sculpturally. I should have just dug more graves.

5-13:  Post BA work. Unfired clay and ceramic. Drawings of sculptures.

14-26: MA work. Cardiff. 1989.  Stained ceramic/porcelain. I was thinking about “unfamiliar” instruments/tools.

27-45:  Fellowship work. Exeter. 1990.  Stained and waxed porcelain. I was thinking about “unfamiliar” anatomy. I stopped making ceramic sculpture in 1991 and concentrated on drawing. The illusory space in drawing presented more possibilities than did the illusory surface on sculpture.

60: Assemblages. Examples of the objects I make now. Many are short lived.