Large Drawings

This gallery wasn’t conceived as a group. They were drawn in two distinct periods separated by over twenty years. The first five were drawn in 1984-5, the remaining eleven in 2007-10.

Deep recessive space is present in many along with the isolation of a single figure or form.

Death is a persistant theme but this is more about the “death of self” in the brain than death of the body.

Images 4 & 5 are based on original photographs by Sebastiao Salgado.

Image  15 based on original photograph by Ed Byrne. c 1984

All drawings are graphite on paper except  12a : ink on paper 1978. (14 x 21 cm each). 11a : digital image.

Image sizes: 1-5 : 58 x 41 cm; 6-16 : 70 x 50 cm